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The blade of this Bowie is D-2 Tool Steel with a satin finish. 

The blade is 1/4" X 1 15/16" X 11" and the knife is 16" overall. 

It is flat ground and sub-zero quenched with a triple temper to ~Rc 60. 

The oval guard is stainless steel and has hand file worked edges in a rope pattern. 

 After the guard are spacers of bronze and nickel silver followed

by a curly maple handle and additional bronze and nickel silver spacers. 

The pommel is stainless steel with a rope pattern hand filework and a mirror polished butt. 

The silver wire inlay is .999 silver and the oval escutcheon plate is bronze. 

There is only silver wire inlay only on the mark side of the knife. 

The sheath is vegetable tanned leather dyed in a mahogany colored oil dye. 

The top cap of the sheath has a pebble finish.  The top bolts are embossed in a floral pattern. 

The lower belt concho has a bronze frame with rope edge filework. 

The concho itself is a long horn steer not made by me.  The sheath is hand sewn with a saddle stitch.







(A Pair)

These  Bowies have blades of 5/16" X 2" X  10 1/4"  D-2 tool steel. 

The blade has a hand rub finish and is flat ground. 

The blade has been tempered in  three cycles with a sub-zero treatment to a Rc~ 60. 

The spine has my hand file work in a vine style.  The double guard is nickel silver. 

The spacers are red fiber and nickel silver. 

The large rear spacer is fossil Walrus Tusk, several thousand  years old. 

The pommel is 416 stainless steel.  The handle is premium Desert Ironwood.. 

The hand sewn sheath is 8/9 oz. vegetable tanned leather with a pebble finish in the British tan color. 

The top of the sheath sports a leather chevron and four silver plated embossed bolts. 

The snap for the strap also has a silver plated embossed head. 

The coins are a Ronald Reagan, 40th  President and a

9-11 commemorative U.S. silver dollars supplied by my client.



This Bowie is made from A-2 tool steel. 

The blade measures 1/4" X 1.5" X 8.5" with an overall length of 13.125 inches. 

The blade is flat ground to the file worked spine. 

The blade has been triple tempered with a sub-zero quench to a ~Rc 60. 

The tang is a through style.  The hand file work runs for 7.5 inches down the spine in a vine pattern. 

The guard is in three layers 440-C the front layer followed by bronze and nickel silver. 

The choil is my take on a broken heart.  The handle is Curly Maple. 

The inlay is fine silver (.999) with similar patterns on each side of the handle 

The pommel is made up of a brick red spacer followed by a nickel silver spacer and

 again a brick red spacer with the pommel itself being solid bronze. 

The sheath is dyed in a British Tan color and is hand sewn 8/9 oz. leather

 with a brass plated button on the top left and middle left.



Longhorn Bowie

Longhorn Bowie Handle               Longhorn Bowie handle opposite

Longhorn Bowie pommel       


This clip-point Longhorn Bowie style knife has a blade made of D-2 steel.

It has been triple tempered with a sub-zero quench to a ~Rc 61.

It has a flat ground blade that is 3/16" X 1 7/8" X 9 1/8 " and the overall length is 13 7/8".

The 2 1/2 inch single guard is 416 stainless steel. The choil is a scroll design.

The post guard spacer is bronze followed by the fossilized Mammoth Ivory and another piece of bronze.

The handle is Curly Maple. The Longhorn inlay is silver wire (.999%)

 with the skull piece being fossilized Mammoth Ivory with each side being a slightly

 different pattern. The spine is hand filed in my rope pattern.

he pommel is hand filed with a front bronze spacer. The back of the pommel has an engraved star.

  The sheath is vegetable tanned leather hand sewn in a mahogany color.  




The 1/4 " X 1 3/4" X 10" full tang blade on this Coffin Handle Bowie is made from A-2 tool steel. 

It has been sub-zero triple tempered to a hardness of ~60 Rc. 

The blade has a distal taper, a hand rub finish and is flat ground to the spine. 

The spine sports hand file work from the guard to the start of the clip. 

The 3 "nickel silver oval guard also has decorative file work. 

The handle hidden bolts, pins and pommel are nickel silver.  

The handle scales are curly maple dovetailed into a nickel silver shoulder. 

The inlay is .999 silver wire.

  The 9/10 oz. hand stitched leather sheath has a chevron top cover. 

The bolts and brow piece at the top are embossed and silver plated. 

The sheaths main front body has my pebble finish.  The embossed snap is also silver plated.  


Ernie Grospitch Knifemaker