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Quality, Pride, Craftsmanship

Sole Authorship

I enjoy making knives and have been making them since 1989.  When I started it was on a part-time basis. 

I strive to make the knife a pleasure to use and one that you will be proud to own. 

I make the entire knife from start to finish which includes design, construction, heat treating and embellishments. 

 Nothing is farmed out to anyone else.  I totally believe in the concept of "Sole Authorship". 

I custom handcraft a top quality hand sewn leather sheath for each knife that requires it, here again,

I do not farm out the sheath making end of the total knife package. 

 When you buy a knife from me you can be assured it is made entirely by me and that it is of the highest quality.


I use the stock removal method to profile and grind the knives I make. 

The knife steels that I am now using are the CPM stainless steels or 440C, ATS-34, D2, A2, 5160, 01 or 1095. 

The steel choice for most knife styles is primarily mine, the best steel for the job, so to speak.


I am a charter member of The Florida Knifemakers Association.  I am also a member of the National Rifle Association, 

 The American Bladesmith  Society Association and the Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association.

Former, Proud member of the Knifemakers Guild.


Favorite book is "The Science of Getting Rich", Author: Wallace D. Wattles



" Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition !! "


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